New Education Ministry guidelines will affect the coaching institutes

New Education Ministry guidelines will affect the coaching institutes

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“The recently released guidelines from the Ministry of Education are poised to have a significant impact on coaching institutes, aiming to curb exorbitant fees, unhealthy competition, stress among students, and other malpractices that have been prevalent. The Education Ministry, through these guidelines, seeks to establish a robust legal framework for regulating coaching centers and imposes strict penalties for violations.

Registration of Coaching Centers: Education Ministry guidelines

Under the proposed guidelines, individuals looking to provide coaching services must register their centers according to the specified criteria. Each branch of coaching centers with multiple locations will be treated as a separate entity, necessitating individual registration applications.

The duration of registration, under the new rules, will be determined by the relevant government and remains unspecified. Dr. V V George Kutty, Principal of the Civil Service Institute, Pala, suggests the guidelines should incorporate a quantitative mechanism to assess facilities and ensure transparency in the registration process.

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Conditions for Registration:

The guidelines outline specific conditions for approval, failure to meet which will result in substantial penalties for the institutes.

  1. Coaching centers must ensure that tutors hold a minimum qualification of graduation. Detailed faculty information, along with fee structures, must be made publicly available on the center’s dedicated website. Hiring individuals with convictions for offenses involving moral turpitude is strictly prohibited.
  2. Making misleading promises or advertisements to attract students and parents is strictly forbidden and can lead to the revocation or non-granting of registration.
  3. Enrolling students below 16 years of age is no longer permitted, aiming to curb early preparation for competitive exams.
  4. Institutes must provide the minimum required infrastructural facilities to enrolled students. Registration may be denied if the center fails to meet the minimum space requirement per student.
  5. The guidelines emphasize the need for counseling systems in accordance with the outlined requirements.

Kunal Singh, the proprietor of a coaching center in Chandigarh, criticizes the regulations as draconian, citing the success of coaching centers in producing competitive exam toppers.


In the event of a violation, coaching centers will face penalties escalating with each offense:

  • ₹25,000 for the first offense
  • ₹1,00,000 for the second offense
  • Revocation of registration for subsequent offenses

Neeraj Kumar, Founder & CEO of PeakMind, sees these guidelines as a positive step towards establishing a benchmark for quality education, prioritizing students’ well-being and mental health. The emphasis on comprehensive well-being, career guidance, and psychological counseling reflects a shift toward nurturing mental well-being alongside academic success.”

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