Division 01 : Crop and animal production, hunting and
related service activities

NIC CODE Description
01111 Growing of wheat
01112 Growing of jowar, bajra and millets
01113 Growing of other cerealscccc
01114 Growing of pulses (dal) and other leguminous crops such as peas and beans, not used as oilseeds
01115 Growing of mustard oil seed
01116 Growing of groundnut oil seed
01117 Growing of sunflower oil seed
01118 Growing of soya bean oil seed
01119 Growing of other oil seeds
01121 Organic farming of basmati rice
01122 Organic farming of non-basmati rice
01123 Inorganic farming of basmati rice
01124 Inorganic farming of non-basmati rice
01131 Growing of asparagus, cabbages, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, chicory, spinach and other leafy or stem vegetables
01132 Growing of cucumbers, gherkins, aubergines, tomatoes, watermelons, cantaloupes , melons and other fruit-bearing vegetables
01133 Growing of onion
01134 Growing of carrots, beets,turnips, garlic, leeks and other root, bulb vegetables(onion excluded)cc
01135 Growing of potatoes and other tubers such as sweet potatoes, cassava, yams
01136 Growing of mushrooms and truffles
01137 Growing of vegetable seeds (except beet seed)
01139 Growing of vegetables, n.e.c.


NIC CODE Description
01140 Growing of sugar cane
01150 Growing of tobacco
01161 01161 Growing of cotton
01162 Growing of jute
01169 Growing of other fibre crops
01191 Growing of rose
01192 Growing of gladiolus
01193 Growing of other flowers, including production of cut flowers, flower buds and flower seeds
01199 Growing of other non-perennial crops including beet seed and padding materials, n.e.c.
01210 Growing of grapes
01221 Growing of mangoes
01222 Growing of bananas
01223 Growing of pineapples
01224 Growing of lichchis
01225 Growing of guava
01229 Growing of other tropical and sub tropical fruits
01231 Growing of oranges
01232 Growing of mousambi (grape fruit)
01233 Growing of lemons and lime
01239 Growing of other citrus fruits
01241 Growing of apples
01242 Growing of appricots, peaches and nectarines
01243 Growing of cherries and sour cherries


NIC CODE Description
01249 Growing of other pome fruits and stone fruits
01251 Growing of strawberries and other berries
01252 Growing of edible nuts (almonds, cashew nuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts pistachios, walnuts and other nuts)
01259 Growing of other tree and bush fruits, n.e.c
01261 Growing of coconut
01262 Growing of olives and oil palms
01269 Growing of other oleaginous fruits
01271 Growing of tea
01272 Growing of coffee
01273 Growing of cocoa
01279 Growing of other beverage crops
01281 Growing of ginger
01282 Growing of chili
01283 Growing of cardamoms
01284 Growing of perennial and non-perennial spices and aromatic crops (pepper, capsicum, nutmeg, mace, anise, badian and fennel, cinnamon (canella), cloves, vanilla and other spices and aromatic crops)
01285 Growing of drug and narcotic crops
01286 Growing of plants used primarily in perfumery, in pharmacy or for insecticidal, fungicidal or similar purposes
01287 Growing of heena leaves (mehendi)
01291 Growing of rubber trees
01292 Growing of trees for extraction of sap
01293 Growing of bamboo and cane
01299 Growing of other perennial crops, n.e.c.
01301 Growing of plants for planting


NIC CODE Description
01411 Raising and breeding of cattle and buffaloes
01412 Production of milk from cows or buffaloes
01413 Production of bovine semen
01430 Raising and breeding of camels and camelids
01441 Raising and breeding of sheep and goats
01442 Production of milk from sheep or goat
01443 Production of raw wool
01450 Raising of swine/pigs (including breeding of swine/pigs)
01461 Raising and breeding of chickens and capons, ducks, geese, turkeys and guinea fowls chickens and capons, ducks, geese, turkeys and guinea fowls
01462 Production of eggs
01463 Operation of poultry hatcheries
01491 Raising and breeding of pet animals (cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, etc.)
01492 Bee-keeping and production of honey and beeswax
01493 Raising of silkworms, production of silkworm cocoons
01499 Raising of other animals, n.e.c.
01500 Mixed farming
01611 Agricultural activities on a fee or contract basis (preparation of fields, establishing a crop, treatment of crops, crop spraying, trimming of fruit trees and vines, transplanting of rice, thinning of beets, harvesting, pest control in connection with agriculture etc.)
01612 Operation of agricultural irrigation equipment
01619 Other supporting activities including agricultural gardening (excluding parks and gardening activities),n.e.c.
01620 Support activities for animal production
01631 Preparation of crops for primary markets, i.e. cleaning, trimming, grading, disinfecting
01632 Cotton ginning, cleaning and bailing
01633 Preparation of tobacco leaves


NIC CODE Description
01639 Other post harvest crop activities, n.e.c.
01640 Seed processing for propagation
01700 Hunting, trapping and related service activities

Division 02 : Forestry and logging

NIC CODE Description
02101 Growing of standing timber (planting, replanting, transplanting, thinning and conserving of forests and timber tracts)
02102 Operation of forest tree nurseries
02109 Other foresty activities including growing of pulpwood,firewood etc
02201 Gathering and preparation of fire wood
02202 Logging camps and loggers primarily engaged in felling timber and producing wood in the rough such as pitprops, split poles, pickets, hewn railway ties
02203 Production of charcoal in the forest (using traditional methods)
02209 Other logging activities, n.e.c.
02301 Gathering of tendu leaves
02302 Gathering of lac, resins and rubber-like gums
02303 Gathering of wild growing mushrooms, truffles, berries, nuts, cork, balsams, vegetable hair, eelgrass, mosses, lichens
02309 Gathering of non-wood forest products, n.e.c.
02401 Forestry service activities (forest management consulting services, forestry inventories, timber evaluation, forest pest control)
02402 Logging service activities such as transport of logs within the forest

Division 03 : Fishing and aquaculture


Division 05 : Mining of coal and lignite

NIC CODE Description
03111 Fishing on a commercial basis including taking of marine crustaceans and molluscs in ocean and coastal waters
03112 Gathering of other marine organisms and materials such as natural pearls, sponges, coral and algae
03113 Activities of vessels engaged in fishing and in processing and preserving of fish
03121 Fishing and taking of freshwater crustaceans and molluscs on a commercial basis in inland waters
03122 Taking and gathering of freshwater aquatic animals
03211 Fish farming in sea water including farming of marine ornamental fish
03212 Culture of crustaceans, bivalves, other mollusks and other aquatic animals in sea water
03213 Growing of edible seaweeds
03214 Aquaculture activities in brackish waters and in salt water filled tanks or reservoirs
03215 Operation of fish hatcheries (marine)
03219 Other marine aquaculture, n.e.c.
03221 Fish farming in freshwater including farming of freshwater ornamental fish
03222 Culture of freshwater crustaceans, bivalves, other mollusks and other aquatic animals
03223 Operation of fish hatcheries (fresh-water)
03229 Other freshwater aquaculture ctivities, n.e.c.
NIC CODE Description
05101 Opencast mining of hard coal
05102 Belowground mining of hard coal
05103 Cleaning, sizing, grading, pulverizing, compressing etc. of coal
05109 Other operations relating to mining and agglomeration of hard coal
05201 Opencast mining of lignite (brown coal)
05202 Belowground mining of lignite (brown coal)
05203 Washing, dehydrating, pulverizing, compressing of lignite
05209 Other operations relating to mining and agglomeration of lignite
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