How to open Aadhaar card center, how to take franchise (online application registration) 2024

How to open Aadhaar card center, how to take franchise (online application registration)

In today’s time, if you want to get any kind of government facility, then among the documents required for it, only one document is considered most important and that is Aadhar Card. Aadhar Card is a very important document in today’s time through which many small and big tasks are completed. Be it bank related or purchase transaction related, it is important that the information filled in the Aadhar card is absolutely correct, but there are many mistakes in the Aadhar card, for which it becomes necessary to update the Aadhar card.

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Besides, the process of making new Aadhar cards also continues every day. To keep all these processes running smoothly, Aadhar card franchises are being distributed by the government. If you want to start a business, then take Aadhar card franchise. You can easily start your own business and earn money. Today we will tell you how you can take Aadhar Card franchise.

To get Aadhar Card franchise, it is necessary to obtain a license, so let us know how the license can be obtained.

How to open Aadhaar card center andHow to get license for Aadhar Card Franchise

  1. A person who wants to start his own business by opening an Aadhar Card franchise is required to apply for a license. Aadhar card is a very important identity card, that is why it is not easy to get a license for it, for this the applicant has to clear an exam.
  2. This exam is taken by UIDAI. After passing this exam, the applicant gets a certificate through which he can apply for getting a license for Aadhar Card Franchise.
  3. For this he has to apply for which he has to complete the entire process of his Aadhar card and biometric verification through the CSC center. Only after this entire process the applicant gets the license.

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How to open Aadhaar card center and Process to obtain license

  1. To get the license of Aadhar Card Franchise, it is necessary to create login ID and password on NSCIT portal.
  2. After generating the login ID and password, it is necessary to login inside the site, where the applicant will have to submit the soft copy of his Aadhar card along with which a code will be generated on the screen which has to be filled carefully and submitted.
  3. After this entire process, a new form will open in which you will have to fill the asked information correctly. Besides, the applicant is also required to upload a copy of his signature and passport size photo.
  4. After checking all the information filled by you, click on the submit button and submit the form.

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How to open Aadhaar card center and How much to pay for Aadhar Card Franchise

Generally, to get any franchise, some payment has to be made, but to get Aadhar Card Franchise, the applicant does not need to deposit any kind of amount. At present, this service is very much needed because the general public needs their A lot of problems are being faced in getting Aadhar card made and updated, that is why the government is opening Aadhar card franchises at various places.

To obtain the license, an examination will be conducted by UIDAI before granting the franchise. Some important points about that examination are given below.

  1. On the NSCIT portal, applicants will get information related to the exam such as their centre, time, date etc.
  2. Besides, the applicant will also have to obtain his admit card from the portal.

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Important things to open Aadhar Card Franchise

Computer or laptop

Applicants who want to open Aadhar Card Franchise must have at least two computers or laptops.


It is also necessary for the Aadhar Card franchise to have a webcam because the photo is clicked at the center itself to make the Aadhar Card.

Irish scanner machine

For biometric verification, it is necessary to have an Irish scanner machine, only then the biometric verification of Aadhaar card can be completed.


It is necessary to have a printer at the Aadhar Card Center so that the papers can be easily printed.

Small or medium sized room

To open an Aadhar Card Franchise, you will need a small or medium sized room so that you can run the Aadhar Card Center very easily without any hindrance.

Internet facility

It is very important to have internet facility at the Aadhar Card Center because all the work will be possible online only.

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Total cost of opening Aadhar Card Franchise

No amount is being charged by the government for Aadhar Card Franchise, but still it costs around one lakh to open this franchise because it is mandatory to have all the equipment given above.

Profit from Aadhar Card Franchise

Any person can earn a profit of at least Rs 30 to Rs 40000 through Aadhar Card Franchise. And as he builds his work there and guides his customers properly, his profit will keep increasing.

It is possible to earn a lot from Aadhar Card Franchise in a small town or village because the people there are not so technology friendly and depend on the Aadhar Card Center for every small thing.


Q. How to open Aadhaar Card Center Franchise?

Ans. By passing UIDAI exam

Q. Who is giving Aadhar Card Franchise?

Ans. Government

Q. How much money has to be deposited to take Aadhar Card Franchise?

Ans. Free

Q. How much can be earned per month from Aadhar Card Franchise?

Ans. 30 to 40,000 Rupees

Q. What is required to take Aadhar Card Franchise?

Ans. To get Aadhar Card Franchise, it is necessary to pass the UIDAI exam.

Q. Is license required for Aadhar Card franchise?

Ans. Yes

Q. How much does it cost to open an Aadhar Card franchise?

Ans. Approximately ₹100000

Q. What equipment is required to open Aadhar Card Franchise?

Ans. Printer Webcam Computer or laptop Virus scanner and a small room

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