What is Kitty Party, Theme, Games Ideas

What is Kitty Party, Theme, Games Ideas

Kitty Party Games Ideas, Theme, Rules, Invitation Card Matter, Snacks

Kitty party, which has become a trend or rather a fashion in the present times, is most prevalent in small towns. Due to kitty party, housewives come out of the house and are able to spend some quality time with themselves. This is a kind of need, it brings society in contact with each other and women get respite from their busy lives for a few moments. There are many questions related to kitty party, such as kitty party menu, venue, theme, decoration and kitty party rules etc. You will get answers to all these questions in this article.

What is kitty party? (What is Kitty Party)

Actually, kitty party was started with the aim of saving money. Many people used to deposit some amount of money every month in a group and play it like a game, that all the members in this group will deposit a fixed amount and the name of one of these members will be drawn. , to whom the deposited money will be given that month. There are no additional benefits like interest in this deposit amount, but the deposited amount is a big amount, which if combined together, can be used to buy something bigger or can be deposited.

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This work was done for the purpose of saving, which was earlier very famous among men. But this game came among women, which today we know as BC Party or Kitty Party. Earlier the main objective of this event was also savings, but gradually its objective changed and now it has become a means of connecting with the society, which women now play as per their own.

What is Kitty Party

Kitty Party Types:

There can be different types of kitty parties like:

Mohalla Kitty Party (Area Base Party):

This can include people living in the same colony or locality, so that everyone knows each other, and behavior improves. This increases brotherhood.

Senior Citizen Kitty Party

(Senior citizen): All women above 50 years of age participate in this type of group, so that at this age they can find their companions and they can also remain active.

Couple Kitty Party:

Husband and wife can participate together in this type of group, through this the husband and wife spend quality time once a month.

Corporate Kitty Party:

In today’s time, women generally work, in such a situation it is very difficult to find time for themselves. Therefore, if such people start a kitty together, then they can give themselves a good time.

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Kitty Party Rules:

Whenever we work in a group, in which there are more people in number, it is important to have some rules, so that fights do not happen among ourselves, trust is maintained and the game continues to progress regularly. Keeping this in mind, some rules are given below such as:


The game starts and ends on time, so it can be played regularly every month, it does not cause any problem to anyone. Therefore, a rule can be made that if someone comes after ten minutes delay from the time given for kitty, he will have to pay a penalty. With this everyone will come on time.

Depositing money on time:

If someone is not able to come due to some reason, then he will have to send his amount with someone else. If he has not been able to pay, then penalties like late fees can be imposed on him, so that the habit of paying money on time is maintained.

If a member is absent, his kitty cannot be opened, meaning if the name of a person who is not present in the kitty appears, then he will not be given money and someone else’s name will be opened. This will also maintain the seriousness of coming into the kitty.

Limited dish list:

The biggest task in a kitty party is the menu i.e. different types of dishes. Which every person does according to his wish and ability. If someone is very fond of cooking, then he serves many types of dishes, but sometimes many people do not like cooking so much, sometimes they do not have the resources or sometimes people cannot afford so much. In such a situation, if differences arise among the members, then the solution to this problem can be fixed by keeping only tea biscuits in the kitty or serving one sweet, one dish or giving dry breakfast. Such problems can be reduced with such rules.

  • If a kitty is not coming after joining without any concrete reason, then it is better to take a decision after mutual consultation, because in such a situation the importance of the kitty is less.
  • If someone does not come in the kitty, it is important to inform him on time, because this causes a lot of trouble to the host in preparing the party, many times women do not come even after saying yes. Penalty can be imposed on this also.
  • Everyone tries to make the kitty party memorable, for which many preparations are made and many ideas are thought of. Some of them are as follows:

Kitty Party Ideas:

Kitty party mainly consists of decoration, dishes, games and theme, if we get all these done very well, then our party can be memorable. The most important thing is that you host well. Keep your behavior equal and good with everyone.

While preparing for the kitty party, keep in mind the age group of the kitty group members, because it is important that you decide the games in such a way that maximum number of people can play without any problem. Generally there are one or two games in kitty and Tambola i.e. Housie is very popular in kitty parties. So you too can give place to Housie in your kitty.

Kitty Party Games

Generally some such games are played in kitty, like:

One minutes games:

This is the kind of game in which each member has to complete the given task in one minute and the one who completes the task more times in one minute wins. If there is a tie, then the first and second are declared by tossing a coin, but if three or more get the same result, then a competition is held between them again. You can make such rules as per your convenience.

Paper Game:

All members can play this type of game together, this saves time. In this type of game, you can write many types of questions on a paper and give a copy of it to everyone and ask them to fill it. In which questions like general knowledge, film knowledge can be asked. You should also keep the correct answers to these questions on one page. Give everyone one minute, in which all members will have to answer the questions. After one minute, collect all the papers and check them, whoever gives more correct answers will be the winner. In case of a tie, the first one can be eliminated by tossing.


This game is also called Housie. A ready-made packet of this is available in the market. Which contains tickets, which are sold to all members. In this, numbers are also given along with the ticket, which are picked up one by one. For example, if one picks up 01, then the person serving calls this number out loud and the member whose ticket has 01 crosses it. In this way the game progresses. There are some schemes in this, the member whose scheme is completed first, wins that scheme. Tambola can be played in many ways.

  • Apart from this, you can also keep many indoor and outdoor games.

Apart from games, to make a kitty party memorable, new themes are also in trend these days. Theme here means a special type of event, in which all the members are seen in the same cover or make up.

Themes can be of many types (Kitty Party Theme Idea)

Color Theme:

In which all the same colors are seen in clothes, jewellery, purse and slippers, shoes and make up and thus the one which looks the best, you can also declare it as Kitty of the Day.

Serial Theme:

In this theme you can become all the famous serials like Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain, Ki Bhabhi Ji and to make it special you can also make a sign board of their dialogues like Theek Bole Hain, Laddu Ke Bhaiya etc. Apart from this, you can become Taarak Mehta’s Daya Bhabhi, Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi Tulsi, Kasauti’s Komolika etc. Along with the theme, you can also play games related to television serials.

Festival Theme (Kitty Party Festival Theme Like Diwali, Karwa Chauth):

Whenever kitty is in a month when any big festival is celebrated, you can keep the theme of that festival and also make decorations related to it. You can also serve games and dishes related to the festival. For example, if it is the festival of Diwali, you can decorate the house with sparkles, you can make lamps, sparklers or rope bombs. And in the food you can have dishes like Gujiya, Mathri etc. Also you can get Tambola played for Diwali.

Bollywood Theme:

In this you can create the theme of any character like Dream Girl, Manikarnika, Hawaiian Girl, any old heroine etc. Apart from this, you can also keep the theme of any famous actress, like Madhuri Dixit, Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt, Madhubala, Mumtaz etc. Or you can also keep the theme of any movie, like Hum Aapke Hain Koun, in which everyone can take the form of a character and can also make a sign board of their famous dialogue.

Valentine theme –

Valentine comes in the month of February, so if you are having a kitty at that time, then you can choose Valentine theme. From its decoration, snacks, drinks, people’s attire, keep everything according to the theme.

  • Like decorate with red balloons, red roses and put hearts at various places.
  • Asked people to get ready as per red theme.
  • Keep some red colored items in your food. Like red velvet cake or any drink. Apart from this, if you are making cutlets, then give them a heart shape.
  • Make kitty invitation also according to Valentine’s Day. If you are making it by hand, then make a heart shape. With the help of lipstick, you can make the shape of the lips on it. Even if you are making it on mobile, use red balloons and hearts only.

New Kitty Party theme Ideas:

  • A new theme which you will call Rupee Theme, in which all rupees related things will be ready, as if rupees are drawn on clothes. Coin earrings, coin beads and other jewelery etc. Along with this, garlands of fake notes and decorations of fake notes can also be made.
  • After this you can make pairs of two in the entire team. Then in those couples, money related games like separating coins in one minute, arranging coins on marbles and other one minute money related games are played among all the couples. When a couple is playing, all the other members can bid on the couple to see who will win. In this way, all the couples have to play a game of one minute and everyone has to bid on it. In the end, the person who earns the most money through bidding will be the winner of this game.
  • You can use fake notes in this game.

Snacks Menu for Kitty party: How to choose the menu?

  1. In kitty party, always serve such snacks which you do not face much trouble in serving. Since the time is less and the number of people is more, if you are the only host, then you need to keep this in mind.
  2. Decide the menu according to the season, like fried dishes in rains, hot dishes in winter and cold and light dishes in summer.
  3. Along with this, one should choose the dishes according to what time the kitty is kept, for example, if it is 12 o’clock in the morning, then heavy dishes can be kept, because it is the time of meal. Serve something light in the afternoon or evening because everyone returns home after having dinner and heavy food can be kept at night also.
  4. At the kitty party, serve only those dishes which you can serve quickly, so that no one has to wait too long.
  5. Instead of keeping a lot of dishes in a kitty party, keep them to a minimum and make them delicious.
  6. If you want to try a new dish, then try making it once first.
  7. If you want to hold a kitty party in the hotel, then you can provide food in the menu as it complements the other snacks.

Types of snacks, menu for kitty party:

In a kitty party, you can have at least one sweet, one spicy and one beverage dish.

Kitty Party Venue :

  1. Kitty parties are generally organized at home. You can also keep it on the terrace, courtyard or garden of your house in winter. Apart from this, if you have a farm or farm house then you can hold this party there also.
  2. Kitty parties can also be organized in any hotel. Nowadays it is very popular. For this, book a hotel hall, where you can play games comfortably and can also decorate the hall as per your theme.

Kitty parties are a big trend in small towns these days. Everyone wants to do it in a new way every time, that is why today everyone searches on the internet to do something new. It is our endeavor to give you the latest information related to Kitty Party. We will keep updating this article from time to time, you should subscribe to this page for new information.

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