How to Lodge a Complaint with the Prime Minister in India 2024

How to Lodge a Complaint with the Prime Minister in India (PMO Office Complaint Procedures, Portal, Prime Minister’s Toll-Free Helpline, Mobile Phone, Social Media Accounts)

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The Indian government administers various programs, but sometimes, even after their launch, these initiatives may encounter operational issues, hindering the intended beneficiaries from receiving their benefits. In such instances, citizens have the option to voice their grievances directly to the Prime Minister of the country. Beyond government programs, citizens can also approach the Prime Minister to address various other issues through multiple platforms. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to submit a complaint to the Prime Minister of India online, all from the convenience of your home.

Filing a Complaint Online with the Prime Minister:

If you wish to register a complaint online with the Prime Minister, you can visit the official government website, In case you are uncertain about the website’s address, conducting a web search for “PM India” will typically lead you to the official website. It’s crucial to verify that the website address contains “.gov” to ensure it’s the official government website.

The Prime Minister’s official website provides information in various languages spoken across the country. You can select your preferred language from the top-right corner, making it more convenient for you to file a complaint. For instance, if you are comfortable with Hindi, simply select Hindi, and the entire site will be displayed in Hindi.

Once you land on the website’s homepage, scroll down to find the “Talk to the Prime Minister” section. Within this section, you will encounter two options: “Share your thoughts, suggestions, opinions here” and “Write to the Prime Minister.” The former option enables you to express your views on various matters to the Prime Minister. The latter allows you to formally file a complaint.

Clicking on the “Write to the Prime Minister” option will open a form where you need to furnish your name, details concerning the complaint, address, state, district, country, contact number, and email ID, among other information. Additionally, you will be required to provide comprehensive information about your complaint within a designated text box.

In addition to outlining your complaint in the text box, the website facilitates the attachment of PDFs or other relevant files to substantiate your complaint.

Upon completing the form, you will need to enter a captcha code for verification purposes. Upon clicking the submit button, your complaint will be officially registered, and you will receive a confirmation message on your mobile phone.

Checking the Status of Your Complaint:

For individuals who have already submitted a complaint to the Prime Minister and wish to ascertain its status, you can access this link.

You can locate the “View Grievance Status” option on the homepage, and upon selecting it, you’ll be able to assess the current status of your complaint.

To check the status, you will need to input the registration number assigned to your complaint when it was filed. If you had provided your contact number earlier, you will need to enter the same contact number, along with the captcha code, and then click submit. This will display the current status of your complaint.

Submitting a Complaint via Social Media:

In today’s digital era, many individuals opt to submit complaints to the Prime Minister through social media channels. To do this effectively, it is essential to be aware of the official social media accounts associated with the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

Here are the official social media accounts through which you can submit complaints:

Writing a Letter to the Prime Minister:

If you prefer traditional correspondence, you can compose a letter and send it to the Prime Minister’s Office. You can mail the letter to the following addresses:

Prime Minister’s Office
South Block, Raisina Hill
New Delhi-110011

Residence of the Prime Minister
7, Race Course Road
New Delhi

In today’s times, many Prime Ministers actively manage their social media accounts through dedicated teams. Presently, India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, maintains a robust social media presence. If you desire, you can directly contact him through his personal social media accounts. Here is the information for reaching out to him directly:

  • Email Address:
  • Facebook Account:
  • Twitter Account:
  • Google Plus Account:

It is of utmost importance that we fulfill our civic duties and remain informed as responsible citizens. If you believe that there is a need to file a complaint with your Prime Minister, do not hesitate to take action.

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