Death of 5 famous people of the world who went to see the wreckage of Titanic, know what happened to them?


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The wreckage of Titanic has ended all hopes for the submarine Titan, both the US Coast Guard and the company operating Titan, Ocean Gate, have confirmed the death of 5 people who went to Titan. On June 22, the US Coast Guard found debris near Titanic at the bottom of the Atlantic Sea, after some time they held a press conference and said that the debris we found is of Titan only. Osan Gate has also confirmed the accident by giving a statement. However, the real cause of death has not been told yet. The first view is that the submarine was a victim of implosion, which means it suddenly disintegrated due to the pressure of the water. Experts estimate that due to this all five people had died instantly.

wreckage of Titanic
Wreckage of Titanic

Who were on board

British industrialist Hamid Harding, age 58, was the head of Action Aviation, a private jet selling company. Had done with Antarctic luxury tourist company Y Desert. This company started the first jet service to Antarctica, Helped the Government of India in bringing cheetahs from Namibia. He had made many trips to the South Pole. In 2022, Jeff also went on a journey to space with Bejosh’s company Blue Origin. He had also landed in the Mariana Trench located in the Pacific Ocean, the deepest place in the world.

The second and third names were the father and son of the Pakistani country, Prince Dawood and Suleman Dawood, 48 years old, was the Vice President of Chemical to Energy Company Agro Corporation of Prince Dawood, his company manufactures fertilizers and petrochemicals, Prince Dawood’s son Suleman Dawood also Went to see the wreckage of Titanic with his father.

The fourth name, Stockton Rush, was the founder and CEO of Oceangate Company, the company that operates Rush Titan. Took license in 1981 at the age of 19 from Jayas Training Institute. He became the world’s youngest jet transport pilot at the time, Rush had an air space degree from Prince Tarn UNIVERCITY, in 2022 Ocean Gate founder and CEO Stockton Rush spoke to CBS News, in which he said that fish A submarine can remain stranded due to a catching net or an accident, but the danger is there even if you sit in the car, so will you leave sitting in the car, see the coincidence Stockton Rush was among the 5 people who have died, Stockton Rush was also the pilot of that submarine, which means he was driving it. There is another coincidence between Titanic and Stockton Rush. Industrialist Isidros Trosh, ancestor of his wife Wendy Rush, and his wife Aida Trosh were passengers of Titanic.

The fifth name was French Paul-Henri Nargiolet. Paul-Henri Nargiolet, 77, was known as Mr. Titanic, he was in the French Navy. After completing the search of the wreckage, he had visited the wreckage 35 times since then.

What was Titan and how did it Disappear

The Titan was a type of submarine, its body was made of carbon fiber, its size was equal to a small car, about 7 meters in length and had a transparent window in the front, so that people could see the outside. Apart from a pilot, 4 more people could sit in it, people above 17 years could take its ticket and the cost of a ticket was about 245000 US dollars, it started traveling from Newfoundland, Canada on June 18, Atlantic Sea The wreckage of Titanic is about 4 thousand meters below, it was discovered in 1985 by US Navy officer Robin Balad and his team, after that scientists and experts visited it many times for the purpose of research, in the decade of 2010 a new fiber Began, to reach the wreckage and see the wreckage, some companies started Titanic tourism. Ocean Gate is also one of the same, it also has some other submarines like Titan. It took 8 hours, it could be filled with oxygen to last 96 hours at a time, Titan was getting external support from the Potter Prince salt ship, but on June 18, about 2 hours after submersion, contact was lost The US Coast Guard was alerted after 8 hours of the breakup, after which the Coast Guard started the search operation.

Who was involved in this Operation

There was a ship named D-Banerjee, it had 2 remotely operated vehicles, it can go to a depth of 3 thousand meters in the ocean, a Canadian ship named Atlantic Marine was also involved in the search operation, Canada sent a ship for medical support. Sent, French also sent a ship, their ascent could go to the depth of the wreckage, in addition to all this, helicopters of the US Coast Guard, the US Ministry of Defense Home Lane Security and many agencies were searching for the lost submarine. A French submarine had reached the search area, but on the afternoon of 22 June a surfacer found part of the wreckage. Earlier it was feared that it could be the debris of Titan, after some time the US Coast Guard and Ocean Gate confirmed this possibility. With this, the tragedy related to Titanic has returned. The Titan incident is being named Titanic Part 2.

What happened to Titanic

Titanic was the largest and most luxurious ship of its time, even before lunch, it was being called the Queen of the Sea. On April 10, Titanic left the port of South Hampton, carrying more than 2,200 people, including the world’s most famous celebrities, their destination was New York City, America, a distance of 5,500 kilometers, but only at the beginning of the journey. Titanic disappeared after hitting the iceberg. More than 1500 people died in this accident. The stories left with those who survived. The accident of Titan has once again made the wound of Titanic green.

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