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If you still have not received your Madhya Pradesh Samagra ID, it is important that you do so without delay. Individuals living in Madhya Pradesh get many benefits by getting Samagra ID. This unique identity allows you to access various government schemes and services, including obtaining BPL (below poverty line) ration card online and securing admission in schools in Madhya Pradesh. In this article, we will know what is Samagra ID, how to get it online or offline, and its importance for the residents of the state.

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What is Samagra ID?

The Government of Madhya Pradesh has launched Samagra Portal to enable residents to avail various schemes and services conveniently from their homes. The identity created on this portal is known as Samagra ID or Samagra ID. With Samagra ID, individuals in Madhya Pradesh can access the benefits and facilities provided by the state government. The state government uses the vital data obtained through the Samagra ID to implement scholarship programs, pension schemes, marriage assistance initiatives and the Fertilizer Security Program. At present, Samagra ID is instrumental in providing support to economically weaker sections, destitute persons, disadvantaged communities, senior citizens, disabled women, widows and homeless women.

ID NameSamagra ID
Who StartedState Government
Concerned StateMadhya Pradesh (M.P.)
Who Gets IDNatives of Madhya Pradesh
Helpline Number0755-2700800

Types of Samagra ID

There are two types of Samagra IDs issued in Madhya Pradesh:

Family Composite ID: Family Composite ID is an 8 digit identification number given to the entire family.

Member Composite ID: Member Composite ID is a 9 digit identification number provided to individuals registered as family members. If any member of the family is not registered, they will not get the Composite ID.

Eligibility for Samagra ID

The concept of Composite ID is applicable only to individuals residing in Madhya Pradesh who have Aadhaar card issued in Madhya Pradesh or residence certificate from the state. Individuals who do not reside in Madhya Pradesh or do not have proof of residence, such as Voter Card or Aadhaar Card of Madhya Pradesh, are not eligible to obtain Samagra ID.

To obtain Samagra ID in Madhya Pradesh, you need to provide the following documents:

  • 10th-grade mark sheet
  • Aadhaar card
  • Voter ID
  • Ration card
  • PAN card
  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Disability certificate issued by the Medical Board

How to Generate Samagra ID Online

Let us find out the process of making Samagra ID online for both family and individual members.

Generating Family Samagra ID

Open the internet on any device and access the direct link to the Samagra Portal.

Fill in the application form displayed on your screen with the required information.

Click on the “Show List” option to proceed. A web page will open.

Enter the necessary information in the designated fields on the web page and click the “Submit” button.

By following these steps, you will complete the registration process for a Madhya Pradesh Family Samagra ID.

Generating Member Samagra ID

  1. Click on the Samagra Portal link to create a Member Samagra ID. A page will open on your screen.
  2. Locate the section for registering family members and click on the corresponding option.
  3. Enter your mobile number in the provided space and input the captcha code. Click on the option to generate an OTP.
  4. Enter the received OTP in the empty box on your screen and click the “Submit” button.
  5. An application form will appear, requiring you to enter the details of the member you want to add as a composite member.
  6. After entering the member’s information, click the “Submit” button. This process allows you to add members to the Member Composite ID.

How to Generate Samagra ID Offline

To get offline Samagra ID, visit your nearest Gram Panchayat or Janpad Panchayat office with the required documents. Get the application form, fill it with the required information and submit it to the office. After a few days your Samagra ID will be generated.

Benefits of Samagra ID

Samagra ID offers several advantages, including:

Efficient Identification: Government of Madhya Pradesh has comprehensive data of all residents through Samagra ID. This enables the government to easily identify eligible individuals for various schemes, thereby ensuring that benefits are correctly allocated.

Enhanced Transparency: Samagra ID has brought transparency in government schemes in Madhya Pradesh, ensuring that benefits reach those who actually need it.

Streamlined Application Process: Many people are already registered on the overall portal. As a result, when the government launches new schemes, applicants are only required to provide their composite ID instead of going through the entire registration process.

Why You Should Obtain a Samagra ID

Here are a few reasons why it is essential to acquire a Samagra ID if you reside in Madhya Pradesh:

Government Scheme Eligibility: To avail the benefits offered by government schemes, it is important to have Samagra ID. This identification is necessary for schemes like Madhya Pradesh Ladli Bahna Yojana and Madhya Pradesh Seekho Kamao Yojana.

School Admission: While seeking admission for your children in schools in Madhya Pradesh, it is mandatory to present Samagra ID. It should be attached with the admission application form of the school.

Government Job Application: You must have Samagra ID to apply for government jobs in Madhya Pradesh. This identification is necessary for various job vacancies released by the state.

Samagra ID Generation Process

The Samagra Samaj Suraksha Mission, run by the Madhya Pradesh government, employs individuals who visit homes to collect vital data. This data includes caste of the family, details of family members, annual family income, individual income, age, religion and BPL category status. The name of the head of the household, marital status, education, existence of any disabled person and bank account information are also recorded. Based on this information, the government registers individuals on the Samagra portal and assigns them a unique Samagra ID similar to the Aadhaar card number.

How to Retrieve Samagra ID

If your family is registered on the Samagra portal but you or other family members have not received the Samagra ID, there are several ways to get it. here are the details:

1. Using a Family Member’s Composite ID

If you know the Samagra ID of a family member, you can retrieve the Samagra ID of other family members and the 8 digit ID of the family. Access the official link, enter the composite ID and captcha code of the family member in the specified fields, and get the required information.

2. Using an E-Ration Card or Eligibility Slip

Check your E-Ration Card or Eligibility Slip for the registered Samagra ID. If this information is not available, follow alternate methods to obtain the Composite ID.

3. Through the Education Portal

The education department has uploaded the Samagra IDs of all students on the Samagra Shiksha Portal.This means that if you have a child attending school, you can find their Samagra ID by visiting the Samagra Shiksha Portal. Once you have the child’s Samagra ID, you can retrieve the family’s ID and other family members’ IDs through the provided link.

4. Using the Mobile Number

To retrieve your Samagra ID using your mobile number, visit the Samagra portal and click on the “View Samagra ID by Mobile Number” link. Complete the OTP verification process by entering your phone number in the specified field. Once verified, the page will display your Samagra ID information.

5. Using the Aadhaar Number

If you have an Aadhaar card, you can retrieve your Samagra ID by visiting the Samagra ID Portal website. Click on the “View Samagra ID from Aadhaar Card” option and enter the required information in the provided fields to obtain your complete ID information.

6. Using the Bank Account Number

You can also get Samagra ID for your family and family members using your bank account number. Visit the official Samagra portal website and click on the “Samagra ID through Bank Account Number” option to proceed further.

7. From the Gram Panchayat or District Panchayat Office

If the above methods do not yield your Samagra ID, visit your nearest Gram Panchayat or Janpad Panchayat office. Provide them with the necessary information, and they will assist you in retrieving your Samagra ID.

Correction of Information in Samagra ID

If you find any wrong information in your Samagra ID, you can rectify it by following the steps given below:

  • Correction of Date of Birth: If your date of birth is incorrect in your Samagra ID, you can change it by clicking on the official link for correction.
  • Gender Correction: To rectify the gender information in your Samagra ID, access the official link dedicated to gender correction.
  • Correction in Name: If your name is misspelled or incorrect in your Samagra ID, use the official link for name correction.
  • Correction of Address: If your address is wrongly entered or you have changed your residence and need to update the new address in your Samagra ID, visit the official link and update the information accordingly.

Printing Samagra ID

If you want a printed copy of your composite ID card, follow these steps:

Click on the given official link to print the Composite ID.

Enter the Composite ID number of your family in the specified field.

Click on the “Print” option to get the printed copy of your Composite ID.

Adding Names to Samagra ID through e-KYC

Individuals having Samagra ID can easily add names of family members to their Samagra ID through e-KYC using their Aadhaar card. Here’s the process:

Go to the home page of the Samagra ID portal.

Go to the Composite Citizen Services section and find the link to register new members through e-KYC. Click on this link.

On the next page, read the instructions carefully and provide the required information including the ID of the new family member.

After entering the required details, you will see the information of the existing Samagra ID holder on your screen. Click on the option “Add Member through e-KYC”.

Follow the instructions on the website and enter their Aadhaar card number in the field provided to register a new member.

Complete the e-KYC process by verifying the data through OTP or biometric authentication.

Within three days of completing the above process, the new member will be successfully registered under Samagra ID.


In conclusion, obtaining a Samagra ID is essential for residents of Madhya Pradesh to access various government schemes and services. It streamlines the application process, ensures transparency in scheme implementation, and facilitates eligibility verification. Make sure to acquire your Samagra ID to benefit from the available schemes and opportunities provided by the Madhya Pradesh government.

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Q: What is the Member Samagra ID?

Ans: The members who are included in the family Samagra ID, their Samagra ID has 9 digits, which is called the member Samagra ID.

Q: What is Family Samagra ID?

Ans: The 8 digit Samagra ID is the Family Samagra ID, which is issued by the Government of Madhya Pradesh.

Q: What is the use of Samagra ID?

Ans: It is necessary for you to have Samagra ID to get the benefit of Social Security Pension Scheme, Gas Cylinder, Old Age Pension, Ration, Registration of farmers as well as other government schemes. To get the benefits of the different types of schemes run by the government, there should be a comprehensive ID.

Q: How many types of composite are there?

Ans: Two, Family Samagra ID and Member Samagra ID.

Q: In how many days the Samagra ID is generated?

Ans: When you apply online, your Samagra ID is generated within just 1 to 5 minutes, in the same offline process, it takes two to 4 days to generate your Samagra ID.

Q: How to login to Samagra Portal?

Ans: After creating an account on the Samagra Portal, you enter the username and password you get in the specified space and when you click on the login button, you are logged in to the Samagra Portal.

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