What is uniform civil code | What are the main points of the Uniform Civil Code | Uniform civil code in India

Uniform Civil Code ie UCC is once again in discussion. In this post, we will learn about many questions related to this issue.

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Uniform Civil Code
  • Why Uniform Civil Code is in discussion.
  • What is UCC
  • What is the meaning of Article 44.
  • Why UCC is being opposed
  • What changes will happen when UCC is implemented.

Hello my name is Neeraj Kumar Mishra and see this post in detail only then you will be able to understand about it.

Why Uniform Civil Code is in Discussion

BJP had mentioned this thing in the manifesto of 2014 and 2019. If they form the government, then UCC i.e. Uniform Civil Code will be implemented in the whole country. BJP has fulfilled many of the promises made in its manifesto and many promises are yet to be fulfilled, now the year 2024 Loksabha election is near and BJP wants to fulfill all those promises made in its manifesto. can be completed. Recently, PM Modi has explained how the family will run with one law for one member and a separate law for others.

Before this, if we talk about Uttarakhand, full preparations are going on there to implement the Uniform Civil Code and the Chief Minister is almost ready to implement it in Dhami Raj.

What is uniform Civil Code

As PM Modi said that how the family will run with separate law for one member and separate law for others in a family.

Understand this law from this line only, according to the criminal law in India, any citizen of any caste, religion or gender commits theft anywhere, then according to the IPC i.e. Indian Penal Code, the same type of punishment is given.

Punishment is given and this is the provision, but whether it is marriage, divorce, adoption of a child or division of property, till now different rules and laws are applicable for all religions, in which laws like Hindu Personal Law and Muslim Personal Law are used. were done. So after the implementation of the General Civil Code, there will be only one law on these issues. Which will apply to people of all castes and religions. This is what we call UCC i.e. Uniform Civil Code.

What is the meaning of Article 44

Uniform Civil Code Article 44

So it is written in Article 44 of the Constitution that “The State shall endeavor to secure for the citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India.” This means that it is the responsibility of the government to implement the same civil code for all the citizens. Now you can see that work has started for this in different states. And Uttarakhand is the biggest example of this.

If we try to understand this in a more simple language, then according to Article 44 of the Indian Constitution, the personal law which we just talked about will be removed and a new law i.e. UCC will be brought.

Why is UCC being opposed

So let us tell you that religious organizations have different arguments, this is the reason why UCC has not been implemented even after years of independence. Goa is the only state where UCC is applicable, that too Portugal had implemented it in Goa from 1867 AD, according to this law it is necessary to get the marriage registered with the civil authority. Be it of any caste or religion.

Due to the opposition of various religious organizations and lack of political consensus, there was no consensus on the implementation of this law, but now it is seen that UCC will probably be implemented in the whole country, the second argument here is that India is a secular country, this means that all people have the freedom to follow their own religions, it has been mentioned in Article 25 of the Constitution.

Those who are opposing the UCC say that it will be very difficult to make a balance between the freedom of religion and the rights it has and the rights of equality with equal law for religions and there will be trouble in it. And many such arguments are being given, that’s why people are opposing it.

What will be the changes after the implementation of UCC

As soon as this law is implemented, the personal laws of people of all religions like Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Parsis will be abolished. On the other hand, BJP believes that Uniform Civil Code should be implemented in the country like PM Modi has been talking about one nation one law, so if UCC is implemented in the whole country, marriage, divorce, child adoption of all religions will be possible. There will be uniform rules for all citizens in matters like taking and distribution of property.


So we have tried to answer the questions related to UCC in this post, because this topic is very wide, it is not easy for us to cover it completely, yet we have tried to include all the questions in it. And its answers should be given. So how did you like this post, please tell us by commenting and one important question is whether UCC should be applicable in our whole country or not, please tell in the comment.

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