WhatsApp New Feature 2023: An Exciting Update for Users


With millions of users worldwide, WhatsApp has become an integral part of our daily lives. The messaging app constantly strives to improve and innovate, offering WhatsApp New Feature to enhance user experience. In this article, we will delve into the much-anticipated WhatsApp New Feature 2023 and explore its exciting functionalities.

Upcoming WhatsApp New Feature 2023

So many WhatsApp New Feature are going to come, some have been rolled out and some are about to be rolled out, some are in process, at least 17 to 18 features are going to come. If you use WhatsApp then you should read this post completely. If you are an admin, do group chat or see everyone’s status, then you must read this post completely. Because many changes are coming in everyone. If you like this post, then do like and share it, share it with your friends on WhatsApp only so that they too become the king of WhatsApp.

Chat-Lock On WhatsApp New Feature

Chatlock is coming for your privacy, it is not coming, it is just rolling out, you can lock individual chat, if you are using WhatsApp beta, then you must have got this WhatsApp New Feature, first beta version people will get it and Then later everyone will get it publicly, so if you want the latest feature then come on WhatsApp Beta.
So this Chatlock will lock individual chat, you can lock it with your face or finger. Chat is not to be shown to anyone, even if some private things happen, then you can lock it, and you can lock it with finger print, no one will see it.

Multi Device WhatsApp Support

I was waiting for this WhatsApp New Feature since I was using WhatsApp, now how we used to have our WhatsApp on one device and we used to connect PC to WhatsApp web, now you can use the same device on four different devices. You can use only one WhatsApp at the time, now it is not that if you are using two phones then you will not be able to use the same account, absolutely you will be able to.
Whichever device this WhatsApp single account is connected to, then you will have to log in individually, so this is a good thing. Means you did not use the phone for a month and then you will use WhatsApp in it, then you will have to log in. And one thing you have to remember, if there is a PRIMERY device and WhatsApp has not been used for many days, it has been inactive for many days, then you will be logged out from all devices. So it is good for PRIVECY.

Buy Products On WhatsApp

Now you will be able to buy products from WhatsApp, yes, there is not much business right now, but it is rolling out, and it will work well in the future, and now some people are buying, and you know that upi is running on WhatsApp. It has been happening, people are also paying from it.

Block Unknown Number

Now it has become easy to block chats to friends numbers. If you keep getting messages or calls from some unknown number all the time, then you will be able to block from there itself, which means you will be able to block from above as soon as the notification comes, or else you can go to the chat and long press the option to block. You will be able to block from there. Blocking anything, be it chats or massage or calls, is going to be very easy.

Status Updates WhatsApp New Feature

Many visual and feature changes are going to come in Status update, now you would like that which people want to see this status, then you will be able to select these people privately and only those people will be able to show this status. Voice status is also coming, so you can also apply voice massage in status. You can also give reaction in status as emoji. Now you will see that someone’s profile picture gets a ring, like a story ring on Instagram, then you will know that he has updated some new status, and the live preview has also come for the status, so now you can click on any link. If you update in the status, then its thumb will also be visible there.

These WhatsApp New Feature that I have told you so far have been rolled out to some people and are being rolled out to some people. But in the coming days also many WhatsApp New Feature are going to come. Which are not rolled out yet.

Chat Transfer On WhatsApp Without G-Drive

Now you can transfer chat without Google Drive, many times it happens that when you change the phone, you take a backup, it is on G-Drive. Then you restore on the new device, when you log in on the new device, there is no need to do this now. Now you can transfer chat without G-Drive. It is very simple, friends, first you go to the setting, then go to the chat, then you will be able to transfer the chat from there.

Massage Edit On WhatsApp

Many times it happens that when you are busy, typing mistake happens while replying to the message quickly and anything gets typed and you send it, so now you do not have to worry because now You can edit the message even after sending it.

Call Silent On WhatsApp

Spam calls coming with the WhatsApp New Feature for unknown callers have started coming a lot, now you must have also seen on WhatsApp. Now you will be able to silence that too, automatically spam calls will be silent, you will not get any notification, automatically it will be silent, the notification will come but the ring will not ring, you have to enable that feature.

Admin Review Alert

Many times it happens that such messages are also received from some unknown people in group chats that they are not correct, so now you can send that message to the admin for review by long pressing it. And the group admin will get that notification, if he thinks that this message is correct, then he will approve it or reject it, then that message will be deleted.

Broadcast Channels On WhatsApp New Feature

Now WhatsApp is also copying some things from Telegram and bringing them on its platform, just like there are channels on Telegram, similarly channels are going to be on WhatsApp too, these will be broadcast channels and they are going to come very soon. And we will be able to broadcast anything on our channels.

UI Change On WhatsApp

Some change is also going to come in the design of WhatsApp, earlier it used to be that the navigation used to be upwards like chat call status but now it is going to come down. If you use iphone then the navigation of WhatsApp is already at the bottom but now it is going to happen in android also.


As I said in the beginning of this post that many new things are coming on WhatsApp, I think it is very good, earlier there were not many changes in WhatsApp. But in the last 2 years, WhatsApp New Feature are coming, according to me, it is very good, how did you like this post, if you do not like it, then share it, share it on WhatsApp only, let’s meet in a new post Thank you so much for reading the post till now.

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