Does the present government want to change the name of India to Bharat? Will it be so easy to change the name of India?

Does the present government want to change the name of India to Bharat, where did the name India come from, where did the name India come from, can the government change the name of India to Bharat, will it be so easy to change the name of India, according to the constitution the name of our country What is it, what is the real name of India, by how many names is India known in the world?

Does the current government want to change the name of India to Bharat?

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The India vs India debate that has started has been named One Nation One, today I am going to clarify many things about it to you, so read this post till the end to understand more. On September 9, a dinner was organized for world leaders, the President of India sent an official letter of invitation to the heads of state of many countries in which instead of President of India it is written President of India. A debate broke out regarding this whether the present government is going to change the name of India from India to Bharat in the special session that has been called in the upcoming session of the Parliament.

Where did the name India come from?

Since ancient times, India has had different names, such as -: Jammu Deep, Bharat Khand, Bharat Varsh, Bharat, Hind, Hindustan, India, the most popular name in these has been Bharat. There are many references to the name Bharat in mythological times, such as the name of the son of King Dasharatha and the younger brother of Shri Ram ji was Bharat, the author of Natya Shastra is known as Bharat Muni, the son of King Dushyant and Shakuntala of the former dynasty is called Bharat, We find mention of them in the Mahabharata as well and in the Mahabharata, Bharat has also been mentioned among the 16 best kings, but on the basis of mythological beliefs, the mention of Dushyant’s son Bharat comes again and again behind the name Bharat.

What was the name of India according to the scriptures and Vedas

In Etri Brahman, a branch of Rigveda, the argument for naming India is based on the name of Dushyant’s son Bharat, in which Bharat has been called a Chakravarti king, i.e. a king who conquered all the four directions. It is also mentioned in the Etri Brahman that after conquering all the four directions, Bharat had performed an Ashwamedha Yagya, due to which his kingdom was called Bharatvarsha. In Matsya Purana, Manu has been called as India. Manu has been called India because of giving birth to the people and taking care of their sustenance, the entire land area over which Manu ruled was called Bharatvarsha.

The name Bharat is also found in the religious texts of Jainism. It is said that India was named Bharatvarsha after the name of Mahayogi Bharat, the elder son of Lord Rishabhdev. There is a verse in Vishnu Purana which says-Click here to read

That is, the land area between the Himalayan Mountains and the Indian Ocean is called India and the people living here are called Indians, so till now I have given you many historical arguments regarding the name India. If we understand what is the opinion of historians about this, then many historians believe that the war of Mahabharata took place about two and a half thousand years before Christ.

Why was the Mahabharata war named Mahabharata?

Why was the Mahabharata war named Mahabharata? Actually, when the fight between the houses of Kauravas and Pandavas took a bigger form, all those states which were within the geographical boundaries of India took part in the fight between the two families. Let me also tell you that Varsha means part, area or region in Sanskrit. Let me also tell you that in Rigveda, we come to know about 10 states. On reading this, we get information that King Sudas of the people group named Bharat From this name came the name Bharat or India. The name Bharatvarsha may also have come from these Indians.

It is believed by historians that India was a Jain clan and a group of people who performed Yagya. This was a group that settled in the banks of river Saraswati i.e. today’s Ghaggar. In Vedic India, Bharat or Bharat means fire protector or world protector or the name of a king. The oldest use of the word Bharatvarsha as a geographical unit is found in the Hathi Cave inscription. Based on all these facts, it seems that the name of India may not have been popularized after the name of any person but perhaps on the basis of caste group or geographical characteristics. Friends, let me explain to you very briefly where the name India comes from.

Why was India named India?

Two things are popular about the word India. Some people say that India got its name from the name of Indus River i.e. Indus River, but no, some people say this. You must have heard on WhatsApp that Indian means wild, and The Europeans considered us to be wild Assyrians, that is why the name India was given to the country as well as the Indian name. Many times I used to think that this is a rumor spread on WhatsApp, but if you type on YouTube, five little Indians, one There is a nursery rhyme where you will see five wild children dancing, which also gives the truth that perhaps they understood Indian to mean uncivilized or uncivilized people were called Indians or civilized people were called Indians and this is the reason that the country Was named India or Indian.

It is found in the Greek name of Indus River, Indus. We read that the word Indus is taken from Latin. Greek historian Helios Taus used the word India in 440 BC. Comparing India with Turkey and Iran, he had said that India is like heaven, where the soil is fertile and the area is heavily populated.

Where did the word Hindustan come from?

If you look at the World History website, according to it, before 300 BC, the Greek ambassador Megasthenes had used the word India for the area beyond the Indus Valley. The use of the words Hind and Hindustan is believed to be around 2500 years ago. It is said that the people coming from outside used to speak ‘Sa’, that is why ‘Singh’ became ‘Hind’ and later on, the people associated with this civilization started being called Hindus and The entire region came to be known as Hindustan.

Emperor Shahpur I of Iran has mentioned the word Hindustan in the Naqsh Rustam inscription. It is also believed that the area behind the hills of Hindu Kush may have been called Hindustan, the Arabs called this country as Al Hind and Turkey and Delhi. The Sultans and Emperors of India named their Indian dominated territory as Hindustan and used it as such.

Historian Jabers, in his article From Hindustan to India, the name is changing, has written that from the middle of the 18th century till its end, in other parts of the world, the word Hindustan was often used for the area under the rule of the Mughal Emperor in the 19th century. The British had started using the word India on a large scale. After this, due to the influence of the British, the kings of the princely states also started using the word India to say the name India in their states. By 1857, the British ruled over a large area of India. That is, it was under the control of the British India Company. After 1857, the British government took control of those areas which were under the jurisdiction of the East India Company. At the same time, the name India started being used and this name started spreading rapidly in the country and the world.

So friends, this was the discussion about India and where the word India originated from. I would definitely like to tell you in the next post what debate took place in the Constituent Assembly. We will know about both the names India and Bharat and also whether any thought has ever been raised about changing the name of the country before. Also, in the next lecture, I would like to tell you that changing the name will be so easy. Do stay connected with this series, now I am going to discuss this topic for two-three days, Namaskar thank you Jai Hind

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