Terrorist attack on Israel || India is in big trouble || Israel Attack || Hamas Attack ||

Terrorist attack on Israel || India is in big trouble. Israel Attack || Hamas Attack ||

There has been a major attack on Israel. Palestine’s terrorist organization Hamas has fired 5000 rockets one after the other on Israel from the Gaza Strip. Hamas carried out this attack around 6:30 in the morning when most of the Israelis were sleeping, as soon as the rockets of Hamas When it entered Israel, Israel’s air defense system Iron Drone became active. Iron Dome destroyed hundreds of rockets in the air. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that this is the beginning of a war. Hamas will have to pay a heavy price for this. This war has been started by Hamas but Israel will end it. Hamas attacks on Israel. It has created huge problems for India and India may have to bear the brunt of this attack.

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Terrorist attack on Israel || India is in big trouble || Israel Attack || Hamas Attack ||

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Read the post completely so that you can understand everything in easy language. Actually, Palestine’s terrorist organization Hamas has attacked Israel at a time when Israel and Saudi Arabia are moving forward for friendship for the first time. Crown Prince Mohammed of Saudi Arabia Bin Salman has said that he is ready to improve relations with Israel, at the behest of America, Israel and Saudi Arabia have agreed to end their enmity. Friendship between Saudi Arabia and Israel means that the issue of Palestine It will be completely gone.

Till now Palestine was getting the support of Saudi Arabia. Without the support of Saudi Arabia, the issue of Palestine cannot survive. If Saudi Arabia and Israel make friendship then Palestine is dreaming of capturing Jerusalem in a moment. Will be shattered but it is important for you to know why America wants to establish friendship between Saudi Arabia and Israel. One of the biggest reasons for this is India. Actually America wants that India Middle East Europe Economic Corridor which is being known as I MAC. It should be completed as soon as possible.

This economic corridor will originate from India and directly reach Europe. This new economic corridor was announced in the G20 summit held in India. Let us tell you that a large part of this corridor will pass through both Saudi Arabia and Israel. Now if Saudi Arabia and Israel keep fighting then this corridor will not reach Europe. If Saudi Arabia and Israel join hands for this I-Mac Corridor then Palestine will be completely destroyed. Now talks are going on on this corridor. Hamas has attacked Israel to destroy

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