How to become a District Judge 2024 | How to become a judge without becoming a lawyer | Complete information about becoming a judge |

How to become a District Judge, how to become a judge without becoming a lawyer? Complete information about becoming a judge in Hindi: Judge Kaise Bane? How to Become a Judge in India, Qualification for Judge

In the last few years, it has been seen that many states are not releasing vacancies continuously, like in UP, after 2018, vacancy came in 2024, in Himachal Pradesh, we have been waiting for the vacancy in M.P. for the last three-four years. . Recently also changed the criteria and said that only those students with 70% more marks in LLB will be able to enter the exam.

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How to become a District Judge

One thing was also said that for those who do not have 70% marks in LLB degree, it will be necessary for them to have practice for at least 3 years. In such a situation, if you are running for any one state and that state has changed its policy. If there is no vacancy then the student gets into trouble, hence today from here I am changing my strategy and you should prepare your sister so that you can appear in any exam within one and a half year.

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First of all you have to do that you have to make at least three to four states your target. Which three to four states are there? Then you have to do that you should not only see the state in which you are, but also see the state. You can give it to the neighboring state or you can look at any state of your choice where you want to live and spend your life because as soon as you go to the judiciary and become a judicial officer, your posting is somewhere within that state. Will not be able to change the state.

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So any state which is your dream state, you can make your place in that dream state also by giving your exam. So the first thing to do is to find out the syllabus. I will try to tell in the entire series what is the syllabus in almost all the states of India. There are eligibility criteria, I can tell you about it in small posts. Stay connected with this post till the end and also keep following the series. I hope you have shared it by now, if not then it’s yours. There is loss, don’t cause loss to yourself, share it now, let’s move ahead.

First of all, choose three or four states which are neighboring states or include states in which you want to live. Note down their syllabus and see what are the big things in it. The big thing means what is the common subject? Who is big in GS? Look at those things which are coming and at the first stage, prepare them from those big subjects like some topics of General Knowledge are common in maximum status.

Judgment writing is common everywhere. The topics of such writing are coming in maximum places. Translation, Summarization. These maxims come in the state or what we call majority. Majorities come in the common subjects of all the states like IPC, CrPC, Constitution, Transfer of Property. , Contract, Indian Evidence, Civil Procedure Code, these are some subjects and in many states, Hindu Law and Muslim Law are also there, all these are common subjects, so prepare these subjects first, once these common subjects are prepared, that means from 70. 80% of your syllabus is done.

Now 20% of the syllabus is left. As soon as any state vacancy comes, prepare the 20% of the syllabus that was left in the duration. Revise 80% of the syllabus that you have already done. Apply for Max and you are ready to crack the exam. This is a new strategy that you should make, especially for those people who have not yet been able to prepare for the exam or who are planning to.

This series is very useful for those who have not been able to crack any exam till now or have fallen out of the eligibility criteria due to some reason, to become a Judicial Officer, in any state. This series is very useful for you. Stay connected with this and keep understanding the eligibility criteria of Very Status. Namaskar Jai Hind.

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