What is NMG Train | Why are the windows and doors of this train shielded.

Introducing the NMG Train:

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Have you ever come across a bustling passenger train during your travels, where every nook and cranny is filled with people? Its tightly sealed doors and windows may have sparked your curiosity. You must have wondered, what exactly is the purpose of this train? Is it reserved for transporting highly classified materials from one location to another? However, the reality is quite different. Surprisingly, this is also a goods train.

The NMG train, short for New Modified Goods train, serves as a means of transporting goods across different states. Interestingly, these trains are created by converting regular passenger trains into specialized goods carriers. Once transformed, a passenger coach becomes an NMG coach, fulfilling its duty for an additional 5 to 10 years. During the conversion process, the coach is meticulously sealed, eliminating any access points. All the seats are removed, and necessary modifications, such as the installation of fans, lights, and reinforced iron strips, are made to enhance its structural integrity.

Why are the windows and doors of this NMG Train shielded

So, you might be wondering, which trains undergo this transformation? When an ordinary coach completes 25 years of service, it is retired from its passenger duties and reborn as an auto carrier, aptly named an NMG Rake. These specially designed carriages facilitate the effortless loading and unloading of cars, mini trucks, and even tractors. Now, you may question how the goods are stored inside if the train is entirely sealed. Allow me to clarify that complete sealing refers to the locking of windows and doors. To accommodate luggage, a door is conveniently located at the rear of the coach.

In summary, the NMG Train represents a fascinating fusion of passenger and goods transportation, where repurposed coaches take on a new lease of life. With their sealed compartments and adaptability, these trains play a crucial role in the movement of goods across different regions, ensuring efficient and secure journeys for various cargo.

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