Why is a lawyer’s coat only black? Why do lawyers wear neck bands? Court dress rules Why do lawyers wear black coats?

Why is a lawyer’s coat black?

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Hello friends, how are you all? If you are involved in law or are practicing law, then from time to time this question must have arisen in your mind that why do lawyers and judges have white and black dress code, and Also, what is the story behind the band that is put on neck band, why is it different from an ordinary tie, if you have seen two rectangular strips coming out from the neck, this is called neck band, then today I am I am telling you about its history, please listen carefully and stay connected to this post till the end and if you like and understand what I am saying, then send this post to all your lawyer friends and do tell in the comment box. That you want to keep hearing such posts.

Court dress rules

So friends, this is a very old thing, this story starts from 1327, in 1327, when Edward the Third had a dress code prepared for the judge to attend the Royal Court, but in the 13th century in Britain, At the end of the 19th century, the structure of the court was divided in power among the judges. The sergeants wore a white hair biga on their heads and practiced in St Paul’s Cathedral. The lawyers were divided into four groups: Student, Leader, Venture, and Barrister. Those who welcomed the judges, and for a long time were from the royal family or aristocratic family. At that time, gowns made of red and brown colors on golden cloth had become the fashion of this time.

lawyer's coat

This pattern changed in the 1600s and in 1637 the Free Week Council ruled that lawyers should also dress according to society, thus beginning the trend of lawyers wearing full length gowns. Roques were adopted as apparel in 1685. It was considered a symbol of mourning due to the death of Charles II. The gown and crest were also believed to distinguish judges and lawyers from other people, in addition Queen Mary II died of smallpox in 1694. And her husband, King Williams the Third, permitted all judges and lawyers to wear the gown on the morrow as a sign of public mourning, and asked them to assemble at court wearing it, but this order, once put into effect, It was never canceled again and it became a tradition.

Why do lawyers wear neck bands?

Lawyers also liked this attire and later it was adopted as the dress code because this dress code gives them identity in the court. When Advocate Act 1961 came in India, this attire was adopted as the dress code of advocates. Went. Let me give you one more information that the white collar band worn by lawyers has its own history, that is, in 1640, some lawyers used to use a plain band of lines to hide the shirt collar. These bands were basically wide. By 1860, this band had been divided into two volumes, similar to the modern barrister’s collar band. One theory also suggests that the rectangular band was white in color. The tablet, called the Tablet of Moses, on which the 10 Commandments were written, represents those that were long worn by doctors, clergy, and scholars as a sign of scholarship.

Why do lawyers wear black coats?

This is the reason that later on, lawyers also adopted this bandh. On the other hand, it is also believed that what is white with tomorrow is like a message to clarify anything. We say that black and white are different. Separated means the thing became clear, hence the shirt is of white color, the bandh is of white color and the shirt is of black color. Also, the white color is considered to be an indicator of purity and is considered a symbol of justice, so the color of white and black. Black is related to one thing and let me explain to you, in a research I also found that the color of art represents authority as well as royalty, so the relation of black color is with authority. That when the court says we give orders or a lawyer goes to the court as an authority and demands something, the black color represents it and the white color represents justice, purity and chastity.

I hope you have got a lot of information in a short post. Stay connected with your favorite platform Neeraj Monitor.

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