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While the story of Seema Haider was still running on the news channels of our country, another story cropped up. Seema Haider has done exactly the opposite in this story. The way Seema Haider came to our country India, in the same way, a girl from our country India went to Pakistan whose name is Anju and it is being said that she also married a person after going there. In such a situation, many people want to know about Anju Pakistani. That’s why we are giving you the biography of Anju Pakistani in Hindi in this article so that you can know who Anju Pakistani is.

Anju Pakistan Biography

Real NameAnju
Nick NamePakistani Girl
ProfessionPrivate Employee
ReligionHindu (Earlier), Islam (Now)
Birth PlaceGuna, District, Madhya Pradesh
Year of Birth1989
Home TownGuna, Madhya Pradesh
New NameFatima
Educational QualificationGraduate
Marital StatusMarried
Hight5 Feet 2 Inches
Current Age34 Years
Eye ColorBlack
Hair colorBlack

Who is Anju, full name

Anju is an Indian woman who went to Pakistan and married a Pakistani boy. It is not known what her full name is, but she is being called Anju Pakistani because she has married a Muslim man from Pakistan.

Birth of Anju

Want to tell that his maternal uncle is present in Guna district of Madhya Pradesh state. In this way, it is also believed that he was born in Guna district of Madhya Pradesh. Anju Pakistani was born in the year 1989. The Pakistani man with whom Anju went to Pakistan to meet is Nasrullah.

Education of Anju Pakistani

When Anju became a little sensible, her parents got her admission done in a primary school in the Guna district itself. From here he completed his initial studies and after that, he took admitted to another school to study in class 10th and 12th. After completing the 12th class, he also completed his graduation from the college present in Guna district.

Anju’s marriage, first husband

Want to tell that, Anju and Arvind were married in the year 2007 according to the customs of the Christian religion. Arvind had gone to Anju’s maternal home in the Guna district of Madhya Pradesh with his wedding procession. It was here that the marriage ceremony took place and then Anju left and lived in Arvind’s house in Ballia district. After 2 days of marriage, Arvind took Anju and went to work in the industrial area of Bhiwadi, Rajasthan.

Here for your information, want to tell that Subhavati Devi’s wife Shivkumar, who lives in Khadakpura village and seems to be Anju’s aunt in a relationship, told that Anju had come to Khadakpura village only once, 10 years ago, during their 17 years of marriage. she came. Anju’s husband i.e. Arvind’s father Shivnath died 3 years back. Arvind came to his father’s death program but Anju did not come.

Anju’s Family, Caste, Boyfriend

Anju Pakistani’s first husband’s name is said to be Arvind, whose hometown is in Khadakpura village of Rasda Kotwali area of Ballia district of Madhya Pradesh state. They have two children. At the time when she moved from India to Pakistan, she lived with her husband in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, and worked in a company. According to media sources, in the present time, Anju Pakistani has married a Muslim girl named Nasrullah and has become a Muslim.

Story of Anju and Nasrullah

According to the information received, Arvind used to do a private job with his wife in Bhiwadi industry area located in Alwar district of Rajasthan and he also lived here with his children. Arvind’s daughter’s age is 15 years and son’s age is 6 years. Anju herself also used to work in a company in Bhiwadi.

In the meantime, she started using Facebook and on Facebook she was introduced to Nasrullah, who lives in Pakistan, and slowly conversation started between the two and this conversation turned into love. After this, Anju went to Pakistan through an already made passport to meet her lover and since then Anju has remained in the headlines. However, now such news has also come that she has married her friend Nasrullah from Pakistan.

Who is Nasrullah

Nasrullah is a man living in Pakistan, who believes in the Islam religion and Anju is a girl born in India, who was married according to the Christian religion. When Anju went to Pakistan, she met Nasrullah in Rawalpindi, who took her to his home on 22 July to meet his family members. Want to tell that, Nasrullah is a resident of the above village of the Upper Dir district of Pakistan and he has studied B.Sc from Government College. He has four brothers whose names are Sharifullah, Shakirullah, Rahatullah, and Hamidullah. The business of making knives and knives is done by his family.

Q: Who is Anju Pakistani?

Ans: This is an Indian girl married to a Muslim man in Pakistan.

Q: What is the name of Anju Pakistani’s first husband?

Ans: Anju Pakistani’s first husband’s name is Arvind.

Q: What is the present age of Anju Pakistani?

Ans: The present age of Anju Pakistani is around 34 years.

Q: What is the name of Anju Pakistani’s Muslim husband?

Ans: Her Muslim husband’s name is Nasrullah.

Q: Where was Anju Pakistani married?

Q: Where was Anju Pakistani married?

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