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For the last two and a half months, there has been a lot of fierce violence in the state of Manipur. Meanwhile, a video from the state of Manipur is going viral on social media, in which a crowd of people is carrying two women naked and touching them here and there. After watching this viral video, there is a lot of anger among the people of the country and the people of the country are talking about catching the people who committed such an act and punishing them for their crimes.

Due to the viral video, PM Modi has condemned the incident. Apart from this, many leaders and actors in the country have also condemned the video. Let us give you information in this article that what is the Manipur case and why violence is happening in Manipur and to which community do the two women seen in the viral video belong.

Manipur Case Reason

You should also know here that, under Article 371C of our Indian Constitution, special status and service are provided to the tribes living in the hilly areas of Manipur. Maintai communities are not getting this special status and facilities. Apart from this, the Land Reform Act is also applicable in Manipur, due to which the people of Meitei community cannot buy land in the hilly areas nor can they settle there, but the people of the tribal community can come from the hilly area to the valley area and buy land here. This is the reason why estrangement has been going on between the two communities for a long time.

Which communities live in Manipur

The hilly terrain in Manipur is quite high. Its capital, Imphal, is about 10% of the entire state, in which 57% of the population of Manipur state resides, and the remaining 43% of the population lives in the hilly areas. Now this is the area of Imphal Valley, here there is a large population of Maintai community who believe in Hinduism and according to the information, their share in the total population of Manipur is 53%.

Out of about 60 MLAs in Manipur, 40 MLAs come from the Maintai community. About 33 recognized tribes reside in the hilly areas of Manipur, in which Naga and Kuki tribes are named as major tribes, which follow Christian religion. Apart from this, 8% of the population of Manipur state is of Muslims and 8% of the population is of Sanmahi communities.

When and how did the violence start in Manipur

The tension that is going on in the state of Manipur right now started from Churachandpur district of Manipur. This district falls at a distance of about 63 kilometers from the Imphal capital of Manipur. The district is largely inhabited by the Kuki tribals. Want to tell that in the year 2023, on April 28, the Indigenous Tribal Leader Forum had announced a bandh in this district, which was for 8 hours, to protest against the government’s land survey. But on April 28, violence broke out on a large scale during the bandh.

On the night of 28 April itself, the forest department office was ransacked and set on fire by a violent mob in Tuibong area. After 5 days of April 28, a march was taken out by All Tribal Student Union of Manipur in the name of Adivasi Ekta March. Its main objective was to protest against the scheduled caste status being given to the Meitei community. From here the condition got worse than before. Now the Meitai Hindu community stood up against this visit of the tribals.

In this way, now the fight is between 3 communities, in which on one side is the Meitai Hindu community and on the other side is the Kuki and Naga Christian community. Want to tell that in the year 2023 itself, on May 4, Chief Minister Virendra Singh’s rally was also going to be held. But in the night itself, the venue of the rally was vandalized by the crowd and the items kept for the rally were set on fire, due to which the program could not be held. According to the information, so far more than 150 people have died in this violence and more than 3000 people have been injured. This figure is not officially verified

Demand and protest of Meitei community

Hinduism is followed by the Meitei community. His organization has been demanding tribal status for the community for the last many years and for this a case was also filed in the Manipur High Court by the prominent people of the community, on which the state government was asked by the Manipur High Court to submit the recommendation of the 10-year-old Central Tribal Affairs Ministry on April 19.

In this recommendation, it was asked to include the Meitei community in the tribe, that is, the Manipur court had ordered to include Meitei communities in the tribal community, but this decision given by the Manipur High Court has been challenged in the Supreme Court, which will be heard by the bench of Chief Justice DY Chandrachud, Justice P and Justice JBeet Wala.

Manipur Viral Video

According to different news websites, the women seen in the video of Manipur that is currently going viral are women from the Kuki community. This video was made in the year 2023 on 4th May, it is being said. This was the time when violence was slowly breaking out in the state of Manipur.

Manipur Violence Accused

The people of the Meitei community have been accused of making the women of the Kuki community seen in the video parade naked. Based on the viral video, police have registered a case of kidnapping, gang rape and murder against unknown persons at Nongpok Sekmai police station in Thoubal district.

Manipur Violence Latest News

On the other hand, a special team has been formed by the present Chief Minister of Manipur Mr. Virender Singh to investigate this matter properly, as well as the Central Government of India has also asked the Manipur Government to submit a report on this issue.

Manipur Violence Main Accused Arrested

On the basis of the video going viral, the Manipur Police has arrested four main accused in the incident. In this, the name of the main accused is being told as Heradas, who has been arrested by the police from Thoubal district of Manipur. According to the information received, the house of this main accused has also been burnt by the angry mob. Soon other people involved in this scandal will also be arrested by the police, this has been assured by the police.

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