BGMI is Coming Back in India 2023


BGMI is Coming Back

Hello friends, there is a very good news that BGMI is coming back. Rajeev Chandra Shekhar, who is the Minister of State for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, has tweeted that we are temporarily unbanning it for 3 months. Krafton, which is the parent company of BGMI, has said that we are very thankful to the Indian government that they have unbanned it. See here friends, 9 months ago BGMI was banned in India, the main reason for being banned at that time was data security. And because of this game many people were getting depressed.

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Now the government has said that we will scrutinize it for 3 months to see how much people are playing it, whether anyone is committing suicide. Because such incidents have happened before, we will keep an eye on it. Then we will look at the security problem, we will keep an eye on the data privacy whether the data of BGMI is reaching the server of China or not. Will see all these things very well then after 3 months we will unbanned it permanently after seeing everything.

This 3 months will be testing. If you go to the play store now, it will not be able to see you, now it will take 10-12 days. Now BGMI is definitely coming back.

There will definitely be some change in this game. Because Indian government has told BGMI that you will have to do all these things. While playing the game, it will be mandatory for you to take a break of 1 hour in between because people keep playing this game for a very long time, all these things will happen in the game itself, you will not be able to play without taking a break. Those who play the game are going to be very happy. But the Indian gamer who plays youtube facebook pro game broadcasts live. They are also going to be very happy.

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